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At Media Network, we deliver social media solutions that result in greater market share, customer growth and increased brand awareness. We achieve this by building you your very own passionate social media community and harnessing their goodwill and referral power.

The most important thing is you can actively watch your community grow and unite to spread your message across their social network.

And you can measure this growth in your increased number of followers, referrals, website visits, user engagement and conversions.

Blended social media campaigns
Blended social media campaigns 'blend' all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+) with our conversion strategies to build market share, increase brand awareness and drive sales.

We manage every part of the process but you remain in complete control of the overall strategy and are free to accept or reject any idea we put before you. And of course, we'll send you all the results so you can judge our performance for yourself.

Measuring social media ROI
We always stress to our clients that one of the big benefits to marketing online is you can actually see how the money you're investing is helping you achieve your goals. Social media is no different.

That's why we track key social media and conversion metrics and report the results back to you each month. We help you identify the elements of your social media strategy that are working, what we can improve, and then optimise your strategy to help you grow your community and build engagement even further.

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