The Easiest Way to Live-Stream Your Events
Our Go-live software provides you 24/24 hours live streaming.
It hold the same structure as standard TV. & Instead of going via satellite, it broadcast via internet. So benefit from bigger viewer ship with multi-functional ways such as: LCD, Mobile Phone,
Laptop & I-Pad.
- Easy to watch
- Playlist option
- Broadcast live streaming option "indoor & outdoor"
- Receiving method "outdoor: sng ; microwave link"
- Multi screens live broadcasting up-to 4 Feeds
- Sound 2-channels left & right stereo 196 kb/s
- Screen resolution 768 x 546; ratio 16:9
- Security 128 SSL
- Link cannot be shared on other pages unless it is
  activated from the admin side
- Automatic recording

Live-stream your events!
- Record & broadcast your presentation s to present
  service providers
- Connect to your own custom RTMP server or CDN provider
- Mix screen capture, cameras, videos, flash & images..
- Make compositions with 3D effects, z-order & color control
- Use text labels with static text or dynamic text from web sources
- Changes scenes with advanced & customizable transitions
- Conduct several broadcasts in different qualities at
  the same time
- Capture output sound from speakers & mix microphone input
- Use as camera source with Skype or Adobe Flash

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